Photo Restoration Services

Alpha BPO can help you get the best out of your photo restoration services

Photographs are inevitably the best part of memories anyone can hold on to. They have a lot to talk about, remind about, share about. They are a medium to showcase various feelings and emotions. They tend to be the chronicles of human life. In this case, if such memorable photographs get torn or get wet or colorless or are ruptured or become old, it loses it worth. To make them valuable again, they need to undergo restoration. In such scenario, photo restoration process comes into the picture. Photo Restoration is a practice of digitally restoring the original aspects of a photograph that is lost due to either natural damage or several human activities. To get this photo restoration, there are various professional companies aiding with exclusive photo restoration services. Alpha BPO is one of the leading Photo Restoration and Retouching Services providing company in India, known for having masterful and world-class image enhancement services across the world. Alpha BPO helps you fix all the issues with photos so that you can preserve it for a long time.

Why Alpha BPO for Photo Restoration, Photo Retouching Services?

We at Alpha BPO are into the graphics designing field for last 10+ years, having served 8K+ clients over 11+ countries with complete satisfaction. We have a team of 50+ professional graphic designers who are masters in the art of designing field. We use highly sophisticated graphics softwares to give the best touch to photographs. For every outsourcing project we take up for Photo Restoration, we understand your requirements. Then we try to identify the problems with your photographs and then come up with the best possible solutions. We understand the importance of Photographs in life so we make sure to restore its value by thoroughly working on the damage. Our ultimate goal with every project is to bring a smile on your face by giving you the high-quality Photo Retouching Service.

Types of Photo Restoration Services Served at Alpha BPO

Every photograph is unique, priceless and close to everyone’s heart. Similarly, the damage done to it may also be of various types such as faded, torn, cracked. And, for every damage, we have the right solutions for you. We deal with various types of Photo Restoration Services, some of which are as listed below:
  • Removal of stains, dirt, color flashes
  • Repair of Water Damage
  • Repair of Torn and Ripped Photos
  • Restoration of Mold Damages
  • Restoring of custom borders
  • Disposal of damage due to fire, light, pets, children or heavy objects
  • Correction of faded images, loss of pigments and chemical coating
  • Repairing discoloration & re-applying of colors
  • Applying color to black photos or black to color vice-versa
  • Furbishing moldy, torn, cracked or folded images
  • Removing of album glue damage
  • Fixing Silverfish damage
  • Fixing minor shake and bad lighting

Benefits of Outsourcing Photo Restoration Services with Alpha BPO

At Alpha BPO, we undertake modern approach complemented with premium photo-editing tools for every photo restoration process. In addition to this, there are various other benefits you get when outsourcing photo restoration to us:
  • You gain the most cost-effective solutions at your disposal
  • As provide you the output with the fastest turnaround time
  • We work on every image format and provide the output in the format that you need
  • We guarantee you highest accuracy and efficient restoration of the photo
  • Your images are secured with us and also make sure they reach to you with same safety.
  • We implement every quality check up the process to ensure you get the correct output.
Over above everything, you get an advantage to get the restoration from the rights hands of experienced and skilled professionals. To help you with quick decision, we provide free trial services as well so you can try before you buy our services. We work on project basis, hourly basis and dedicated staffing model. You get the freedom to choose whatever suits your need.

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