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Get an Offshore Managed Staffing Services That Take Care of Your Legal Compliance For You.

One of the famous quotes by Zig Ziglar rightly describes that:
“You Don’t build a Business, You Build People. And Then People Build the Business.”
This quote efficiently describes the importance of having the right people in the business as they are the only asset that builds your business and enhances its progress. With the advancement in technology, the processes in business are also getting advanced. To achieve great success in business, highly skilled and experienced people are needed too. Hiring the right people will uplift your operations and thereby its growth. But in today’s era, it becomes extremely difficult to attain right skills for doing the job in a righteous manner. At the same time, the additive cost of hiring them, retaining them, managing their pay-scales, investing in latest technologies, infrastructure facilities, data security, etc. are the factors that slow down business processes. This scenario demands a third party service for outsourcing staffing services that removes the hindrances of the extra administrative and operational costs for any business. By gaining outsourcing staffing services, a business can focus on their core process thereby strengthening its growth and meet upcoming challenges. Alpha BPO, a leading offshore managed staffing service providing companies, empowers businesses in hiring qualified personnel and management staff for their evolving business needs.

Why Choose Alpha BPO For Offshore Managed Staffing Services?

At Alpha BPO, our mission is to reduce the gap between your company’s current and future business objectives by helping you hire proficient and skilled resources as when you require. By chartering agile methodology, our highly efficient recruitment team enables companies in accelerating their hiring process. We have all the necessary tools and connections upon which we meet your staffing requirements. To achieve this, we discuss your resource requirements and then draw detailed job profiles. On the basis of your requirements, we then conduct initial screening process among the candidates and then select the best of them. While screening the candidates, we consider various factors such as domain knowledge, skill-set, experience and their readiness towards work. Later by building a team of right candidates, we connect them with you to work on your project. For easy monitoring, we also assign you a manager who gives you timely reports and updates. Our staffing solution is designed in a way to free you from the all the stress of a recruitment system, legitimate charges, payroll process, finance, lawful consistency, long-haul office leases, state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, security, etc. and give you full control over intellectual property without gigantic/huge investments. At Alpha BPO, we implement the Best Staffing model where you only need to pay for the resources and services you use. There are neither any additional charges that we levy nor hidden costs.

Industry Specific Offshore Managed Staffing Solutions:

With years of experience in delivery offshore staffing solutions, we have now comprehensive understanding of the requirements of every industry. We have managed staffing solutions over varied industries from Accountant to Finance and from Software Development to Healthcare Solutions. Our core areas of expertise are expanded but not limited to below given industries:
  • Banking and Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Aerospace, Aviation, and Defense
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Operations Support
  • Recruitment
  • Human Resources Management
  • IT Consultancy
  • Technical Support
  • Facilities Management

We provide Varied Offshore Staffing Services such as:

  • Web designers
  • Website developers
  • Mobile Apps developers
  • PHP developers
  • Java developers
  • Python developers
  • I.T engineers
  • Network engineers
  • HR team
  • Accountant managers
  • Business developers and many more.
We also provide custom support for offshore staffing services.

Benefits of Offshore Managed Staffing Services

  • Multiple Time-zone Support
  • Proven methodologies and industry practices
  • World-class infrastructure facilities
  • Reduced Operational Cost
  • No Additive HR Costs, Administrative Costs, Payroll costs
  • No Additive HR Costs, Administrative Costs, Payroll costs
  • High-tech Security and Quality Control measures
  • Get access to a pool of highly skilled resources
  • Easy To Track the process to delivery accurate outputs
  • Dedicated Staff working on your project
  • 24*7 Communication Support
If you are looking for offshore managed staffing services, get in touch with us for quotes. We have world’s best talent for you. To help you in making an informed decision, we provide you free trial service as well so that you can test before buying our service for dedicated resources. We work on project basis, hourly basis and dedicated staffing model. You get the freedom to choose whatever suits your requirements.