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Technology advancement has empowered businesses and organizations to save a lot of their time, money, and resources by coming up with solutions that have fastened their processes. This advancement has let them gain a lot of competitive advantage. One of the crucial advancements ever made in the business industry is that of going paperless. Yes, they have now migrated to the usage of digital formats to ease the access of documents wherever they go. This increasing usage has raised the demand for getting those documents scanned and converting them to digital format. Some of the major business departments like Legal and HR departments are now majorly seen doing this.

Why do You Need Legal Document Scan Service?

With today’s rapidly changing legal environment, lawyer, solicitors, bankers, deal with ample amount of papers on daily basis. More number of law firms are expanding through the nations. With this, they also need high amount of storage facility and time to manage them properly. At times, it happens that they need certain documents on repeat basis as well. These legal documents are highly confidential that demands high-security. Co-jointly they also have to incur heavy cost for securely storing and maintaining them through a dedicated staff.

Why Choose Alpha BPO To Outsource Legal Document Scanning?

Alpha BPO understands how important and confidential are these legal documents for any lawsuits. At the same time, it also understands the need for the same frequently. Hence, we at Alpha BPO offer highly confidential supported Legal document scan service. Our highly experienced professionals scale to meet your requirements in secured procedures. To make your operations smooth and to save you from getting bogged down by the mess of papers, we help you with effective scanning, documenting it, classifying it and storing the documents directly to your storage case or applications. It allows you to easily search for every document anytime and from anywhere. We deliver you the scanned documents in every format that you need e.g PNG, JPG, PDF, etc.

Why Do You Need HR Document Scan Service?

The success of any business or organization is laid upon the fact that how effectively its Human Resources are being managed and regulated to strive them to work with satisfaction and success ladder. For the management of human resources, the HR Department of every business needs advanced management and manipulation of its data. This process, however, demands to deal with the massive bunch of papers that could slow down the working of HR manager. Additionally, they also need to hire a dedicated person to look after the documents every time. But with the advancement of technologies, HR managers now have understood and felt the need to digitize the documents for paperless, cost-effective and easy access to documents. Digital documents empower the HR in making informed decisions.

Why Choose Alpha BPO To Outsource HR Document Scanning?

Alpha BPO understands the importance of your valuable time and money that you have to incur for handling and storing such documents. To cater to your need, we at Alpha BPO offer exquisite HR Document Scan service for the HR team of small, medium and large-scaled business firms and organizations. We have our in-house team of experts who understands your requirements and work. They gather your requirements, understands them, get it scanned and store them securely in the storage drive or to your application. As we store the documents efficiently, it becomes easy for you to access and retrieve the documents whenever you need regardless of the location you are in. Our enhanced service also includes converting the documents in the format you need.

Types of Legal and HR Documents That We Scan

HR Documents

  • Resumes and Applications
  • Employee Personal Records, Performance Records and Employee Contracts
  • Interview Notes and Records
  • Benefits and Awards Records
  • Training Records
  • Termination Records
  • Social Security Cards & Drivers Licenses
  • Passports & Birth Certificates
  • I-9 & W-4 Forms
  • Retirement & Pension Files
  • Medical/Insurance Records
  • Resumes & Reference Other HR related documents

Legal Documents

  • Banking Files
  • Client Files
  • Documents of Contracts
  • Death Certificates
  • Compensation Claims
  • Legal Packets
  • Mortgage Files
  • Disclosure Documents
  • Wills
For any Legal and HR document scanning services, drop us a line today. We have the best pricing model for your business needs at much cost-effective rates. To help you in making an informed decision, we provide you free trial service as well so that you can test before buying our document scan service from dedicated resources. We work on project basis, hourly basis and dedicated staffing model. You get the freedom to choose whatever suits your requirements.