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Complete Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services

People have now adapted to digitalization in every approach including book writers, publishers, publication houses, vendors and many others. To reach a mass of readers, they are now getting switched to eBooks. At the time of transforming their publications into an eBook, they need to decide the most suitable format that would suit their requirements. eBooks are generally served in two different file formats:

1. Standard format

eBooks with standard format are popularly known as flowable ebooks that deliver enhanced and user-engaging reading experience. These eBooks contain text and images that have a dynamic flow respective to the dimension of the device. They are designed to appear different when viewed on different reading devices. Hence, one can change the font size and change the display size in standard ebooks. The text will occupy the available area and fits itself to maintain the flow. One can also embed audio and video into the flowable eBooks for making it appealing to the readers.

2. Fixed-layout format

eBooks with Fixed Layout format are designed in the exact way they appear in the original books or documents. The images, texts, and other items do not flow but can be zoomed in and out similar to an image. The content appears the same regardless of the device types they are viewed on. One can even easily search for specific text in this style and at the same time view it in multi-column page style. Fixed Layout eBooks also supports the integration of features like a read-aloud option, quick navigation, audio-video support, dictionary linking etc. Thus, fixed layout format holds great value and benefits in comparison to a standard format in terms of providing a precise layout of the pictures, texts, and other items on the page. Alpha BPO is offered exceptional Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services to small medium and reputed companies across the globe.

Why Alpha BPO for Fixed Layout eBook Services?

When you outsource, fixed-layout eBook conversion services to Alpha BPO, you will get a quality eBook design. Our team of experienced and skilled experts combines your eBook(ePub and Mobi) with latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS to create an eBook with precise design and layout. For the proper aesthetic layout, we choose the most suitable fonts and appropriate sizes, blending it with ideal fonts. We amalgamate optimal background color as well. Our experts give a professional touch by wrapping text around images and merge text over images if required. We also make sure to affix the graphic images to a position just the way it will be in print page layout.

Alpha BPO Serves Fixed Layout Ebook Conversion Service Over Varied Formats:

  • Children’s books with illustrations
  • Cookery books.
  • Travel aides
  • Coffee Table books
  • Textbooks and technical manuals
  • Restaurant guides
  • Business guides
  • Textbooks/learning materials
  • Organizational reports and yearly surveys

Popular Fixed Layout eBook Formats:

  • KF8 and Kindle Textbook Creator for Amazon Kindle Devices
  • EPUB 3.0 for Apple, Google, and Kobo
  • PagePerfect and NOOK Kids for Barnes & Noble.

Benefits of Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services

The Fixed Layout eBook Format has built its own standards itself. There are various benefits you gain by outsourcing Fixed Layout eBook Format to Alpha BPO. These benefits can be explored below:
  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • Accuracy and Efficiency Guaranteed
  • Professional and experienced team
  • Reliable and advanced security of the data enabled service
  • Quality Control Assurance
  • Most affordable rates
  • Usage of latest tools and technologies
Alpha BPO is the most reliable and trusted company delivering best Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services at global front. If you are to outsource bulk Fixed Layout eBook Conversion for your next project, get in touch with us. We have the right solution for you in the bucket. To help our client in making the right decision, we provide them with free trial service so that they can test us before buying our service. We work on project basis, hourly basis and dedicated staffing model. You get the freedom to choose whatever suits your requirements.

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