Data Extraction

With the path-breaking advancement in the technologies today, the prominent organizations today feel the need to keep the information up-to-date and easily accessible. This information can be relevant feedbacks, surveys, sales figures, profit ratios, client’s information, documents, medical data and much more. Now to collect them from varied sources, extract them and scrutinize them to a reliable data is indeed a time-bound task. We at Alpha BPO help you to tackle these tough tasks with our distinguished data extraction service.

Data extraction can be coined as the process of scraping valuable business data from authentic sources and compiling it to detail oriented information. Alpha BPO does this coherent task for you by extracting data from useful sources associated with your business, later compiles it into varied formats of your choice. Thereby ensuring that the data can be helpful to you in making important decisions about your business.

Why Alpha BPO for Data Extraction Service?

Organizations and businesses need to distinguish the optimum way to carry out data extraction service that is best suitable for their requirements and purpose. To enable you with high-quality data extraction service, we at Alpha BPO suffice best methodologies and techniques that guarantee you accurate and reliable information. Additionally, we help you get it structured into the database as per your requirements. Our team of experts is equipped with the complete knowledge of latest technologies and software, current market trends, scenarios and outstanding commitment. Thus we serve clients globally with intelligent data extraction services.

Our efficient Data Extraction Service comprises of extracting data from various forms such as listed below:

  • Scanned Images, documents, PDFs
  • MS Word, Excel, Presentations, Timesheets
  • Invoices, bills, forms, business reports
  • Surveys, feedbacks, instructions manuals, reports, questionnaires, etc.
  • Multiple statements like credit cards, bank statements, financial statements, insurance claims, etc.
  • Extraction from charts, graphs, payroll records
  • Product information, Business cards and much more.
Advantages To Outsource Data Extraction Service To Alpha BPO
  • A pool of skilled, experienced and dedicated resources
  • Work with a team of experts having international exposure
  • Accurate and efficient data extraction service
  • Advanced data security and confidentiality
  • Compliance with standard set of rules
  • Guaranteed quality control check-up before delivery
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Custom Data Extraction services to suit your business needs

For quality and persistent data extraction service, Alpha BPO offers the best of business solutions across the globe. You can try our services for free so that you can make the right decision for your business. We work on project basis, hourly basis and dedicated staffing model. You get the freedom to choose whatever suits your requirements. We will be more than happy to serve you with affordable data extraction solution.