Why Is Responsive Website Design a Must?

Why Is Responsive Website Design a Must

A responsive website changes the layout in the devices it is being viewed. There are four standard screen sizes where responsive designs are targeted at- desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. A responsive website makes the navigation of the site easy and saves you from losing your potential customers.

Reasons to Make Responsive Website Designs:

1.Google Recommends:

In 2012 Google recommended designing responsive website designs as one URL and the same HTML let’s Google easily crawl and index the website. Google primarily crawls, indexes and ranks the mobile version of the site. It should be enough for you to make a responsive website if you already haven’t.

2.No Long Term Maintenance:

A good, responsive website is low maintenance, doesn’t require frequent updates. Thus your site will have a longer life.

3.Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI):

90% of all smartphone searches lead to sales or visit to a business website.

4.Traffic From Mobile Phone:

Some businesses develop two versions of a website. One which works on desktop and another on the phone. It requires a lot of time and maintenance. But it is best practice to have only one version of the website that works well on both desktop and mobile phone as the majority of the traffic gets converted from the mobile phone.

5.Provides an Outstanding User Experience:

Unresponsive websites do not perform well on mobiles. When you do not have a responsive website, a mobile user will have a problem viewing your site. It causes frustration in the client and might never return on your website. Whereas on the other hand, with a responsive website, your visitor will get seamless user experience and will come back to your site the next time.

6.Search Engine Optimisation:

Responsive websites have a great chance of ranking high in SERPs. A site with excellent user experience and qualitative content makes your website worth visiting next time for the visitor.

Importance of Responsive Website:

As responsive websites improve user experience, it reflects on your business and brand. If your website performs well on all the devices, then a visitor may return to your site for more business and thus increases conversion.

Responsive websites load faster, which boosts ranking and decreases bounce rate. It also helps in increasing social shares to promote your business on a large scale and reach a broader audience.

With a responsive website, it becomes an easy task to manage the site as there’s no trouble maintaining two websites and thus is also pocket-friendly.

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