Why is a Mobile-Friendly Website a Must For Your Business?

Why is a mobile-friendly website a must for your business

With the evolution of the internet, the users have evolved the way of accessing the internet. 55% of your audience and consumers come to your website by using tablets, laptops, mobile devices. Therefore a mobile-friendly website is necessary for your business to reach a large audience.

What is a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Mobile-friendly websites are developed to fit in the size of smaller screens and keeping into consideration the requirements of mobile users. There are several types of mobile-friendly options to choose from; responsive websites are the most mobile-friendly option to select as they are designed to display content on all devices in an artistically pleasing and easy to read format.

Having a mobile-friendly website wouldn’t drive away customers who are accessing your site through smartphones, laptops or tablets and eventually will make conversions for your business.

What Are The Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Maintaining multiple versions of a website is costly and laborious. People would choose an aesthetically appealing website and having easy navigation over the sites having poor mobile layouts.

Google and other search engines prefer mobile-friendly websites and will rank higher those websites which are mobile optimised than those which are not.

The following are the reasons to consider for making your website mobile-friendly:

1.Swift Loading:

The website speed is an essential factor for the visitor. If your site isn’t mobile optimised and won’t load quickly, the visitor will abandon your website. With a mobile optimised website, the pages load quickly, which makes it convenient for the user and ultimately results in user satisfaction.

2. The Dominance of Mobile:

Mobiles have dominated desktops as the majority of the searches are from mobile phones. Almost every person owns a smartphone today and making your website mobile-ready will be a decision you won’t regret.

3.Benefits in Online Shopping:

62% of users shop online through mobile sites rather than downloading an app. It will be more beneficial if you run an ecommerce business and you’ll see the online increase in sales.

4.Improved Rankings:

More and more users are shifting to mobile devices from desktops. With that, Google and other search engines favour mobile responsive websites and rank your business’s website higher in the search rankings, which will help you to attract visitors to your site and increase conversions.

5. Don’t Lose On Your Customers:

60% of your users will wait only for three seconds for your website to load. If the site doesn’t load in three seconds, your users are likely to leave your website and turn to your competitor’s website.

6. Give a Tough Competition To Your Competitors:

If your visitor has a bad experience on your website, then they will go to your competitors’ websites. With a mobile-friendly website, you won’t lose your business to your competitors and will stay ahead of them in the race.

With all these benefits, you should consider having a mobile-friendly website. If you are interested in developing a mobile-friendly website or our other services, which include web design and development, data processing, eBook conversion, scanning, digitisation and CAD/CAM, contact us today.