Why A Small Business Needs A Responsive Website

Responsive Website has become the “new basic need” when you want to thrive your business online. But this shouldn’t be so surprising as you can check the statistics of mobile users in 2020. Now, if you don’t have a responsive website, you might be letting your customer go away from your Website within one click. And this is not a piece of good news, I guess!

Why A Small Business Needs A Responsive Website

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive Website is a common term, but some business people are still confused about what factors constitute a responsive website.

Basically, a website design that adapts to gadgets of every screen size your visitor wants to view your Website on constitutes a responsive website.

Now consider a website that might quickly load on the laptop. Still, when you open it on mobile phones, you tend to scroll horizontally rather than vertically because sentences cut off, and images take more time to load. Such a website is not responsive.

Offering a seamless and pleasant experience to the visitors on devices of every size is the prerequisite for a Responsive Website.

PROs Of a Responsive Website

1) Loads Faster for a Smooth User-Experience

More time your Website takes to load, more are the chances that your visitors bounce back from your Website. A responsive website makes sure that your web pages load as fast as lightning. Faster web pages ensure that your potential visitor can access your Website quickly and might not look for other options.

2) Mobile Phones have become staple

Researchers state that more than 30% of total searches from Google are being conducted from mobile phone devices(2020)

Moreover, social media and blogging almost double up mobile use. If your Website looks unpleasant on this popular device, there are possibilities of your visitor getting disappointed and choosing your competitor over you.

3)Higher Conversions, More Business

Loading time being less and navigation being easier, visitors of your Website access whatever information they are looking for very quickly.

Thus, the chances of them contacting you increase.

Also, a responsive design ensures that the return customers will identify and understand your Website while they come across different devices.

4) Cost-Effective

Now, if you hire an employee or an agency, they would probably create two versions of the same Website – one for mobile screens and the other for desktop. And the task of maintaining and updating them would take up more time and effort resulting in increased cost.

A Responsive Web Design fits all the screens smoothly, and its maintenance won’t take a toll on your team.

5) Complements Your SEO

Who doesn’t want to rank on Google? And what if the reason behind your lower rank is your Website’s unresponsive design? You wouldn’t like it!

Simple, Google prefers you only if the audience prefers you. So, if your visitors return from your Website unsatisfied just because they have to struggle to access it, Google will take note of it.

Google prefers a mobile-friendly website, and if your site can configure to all sizes – tablets, large phones, desktop, etc., your SEO boosts up.

6)Hampers Your Reputation

According to a study, it has been found out that around 50% of visitors show their frustration after landing on the sites which are not tablet and mobile-responsive. And why wouldn’t they if you will not care about them. The customer has always been the king, and if they are not satisfied by your Website, there are chances they might not return to your site even if your product/service matches their expectations.

Post understanding the benefits of a “RESPONSIVE WEBSITE,” it can be easily said that in the present time, a business cannot flourish without having a responsive site in the kit.

It’s high time for every small business to realize the fact that mobile users have outnumbered the desktop users and their site should be dynamic towards further technological challenges.

Hence, from now on, RESPONSIVE DESIGN should be the first thing you consider when you get your business’s Website developed.