How To Design a Website That Complements the Content

Designing a Website

Designing a Website That Complement Your Content

Everyone has heard the phrase “content is king,” but the question arises if the content is king, then what is website design deemed as? No doubt, content plays an integral part in a website, but it cannot overshadow the importance of website design and vice versa. A website is your virtual identity for your business. The website design should be such that the web layout should highlight the content. Website design can either make or break your content. It should have a good presentation that allures the audience to read through the content and make the site engaging. King and kingdom work together. So when we consider content as king, the website design, its layout, color, font, etc. is the kingdom. Let’s take a look at how web design supports content and what success both website design and content can bring to one’s business.

1. Layout:

A great layout can get your visitors hooked as visitors want a site that is easy to navigate. The layout can shape your content. The size of the content depends on the kind of layout a website has. The layout is the first thing your visitor will notice. And at any point, if your visitors think that it is untidy or cluttered, they may not engage with your website and can abandon it. A well-structured layout can hold the visitor’s attention to communicate with them to build trust in your products or services your company wants to offer.

2. Fonts:

Fonts have the capacity to enhance the website artistically. Most web browsers can only read a certain number of fonts found in the web-safe font category. You should select fonts that are easy to read, especially from mobile phones. As a lot of people may see your site from their mobile screens, it should be clear and legible.

3. Call To Action Buttons:

CTAs are an essential part of your website. CTAs should be unique and match your business domain. Some of the tips to design CTAs are as follows: Your CTAs should be large and comprehensible. It should use bold fonts and state what the visitors will get if they engage with it. CTAs should be written in clear language. “Sign Up”, “Buy Now” are CTAs that can be easily understood and the simple language can also help in Search Engine Optimization. Your CTAs should be placed after a piece of content and it shouldn’t be shoved in the faces of your visitors as they have come on the site to look at the content and not specifically your CTA. The CTA form should be clear and is quick to fill. You shouldn’t ask too many questions while collecting information. To make your CTA stand out more, you can dedicate a space in your contact us page from where you can get a quick response.

4. Use Complementary Colors and Shapes:

The color scheme of your website can vary in terms of industries, logo, the theme of your website, etc. You should choose a theme with complementary colors. You should avoid using bright colors almost at all times. The color scheme should enhance the content on your site and visitors shouldn’t get distracted from it. You need to make sure that the text can be read easily without straining the eyes. You can focus on simple geometric shapes for your website design and business icons. Circles, squares, rectangles are the geometric shapes that you can use on your website. These shapes are safe as they might not distract the visitors from the purpose they came on your site.

5. Use Images:

The images on your site should have a purpose of supporting your content. The images should be generic and should be in association with the content. Images in the forms of infographics, graphs, diagrams etc. should be used as explanatory images and make the finer points explainable. The images must be responsive, i.e. they should adjust according to the size of any device they are viewed on. Non-responsive images on the mobile devices make the site unusable on them and compel the visitor to leave the website without checking the content or menu. If you have little or no idea in web designing and want to get a website designed for your business, we at Alpha BPO who are a website design company and can design websites that fulfills your objective of the business.