6 reasons that will urge to redesign your website

6 reasons that will urge to redesign your website

In today’s competitive world, having a web presence is a must to drive business. These days website design and web standards are higher than before. Due to this, custom web development is prospering with new advancements.If you have an old website, it wouldn’t be in a state to compete with the new one and would be out of sync with the new criteria of an efficient website.

There are over 4.33 billion active users on the internet, where they expect to receive excellent user experience from websites. Nowadays, the developers keep the business requirements mind while redesigning the site. With the changing website practice, your website wouldn’t be fit to gather traffic or generate leads, which is the primary function of a website.

It’s a human tendency to judge. A visitor visiting your website will judge your business’s credibility on how your website design looks. You will make the first impression on your visitor through your website and it is the first impression that lasts forever, so you have to make it count.

If you want your user to revisit your site, your website designing should be on point, as 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a website after they had a bad user experience.

In 2020 it has become imperative to have a well-functioning website. People today are aware and look for a finely operating website.

To not become prey to your old functioning site, consider these points that will show why you need to redesign your website ASAP:

1.Non user-friendly Website design:

Time and again, this point has been emphasized due to its importance in web designing. User-friendly website design is not related to only mobile phones.

Website design is a significant factor in SEO and digital marketing. Even if your existing website looks fine, it needs to be redesigned if it lacks the fundamental components like metadata. If it is not integrated into the site, the search engines will punish that website by giving a lower rank.

If you have added third party plugins to increase the functionality of the site, then you have to make sure that they are managed and updated regularly. The features like shopping cart widgets, contact us forms, etc. needs to be monitored so that its functioning doesn’t frustrate your users.

Also, if your website design is clustered and the users find it difficult to navigate through your site, then they are likely to abandon your site. Therefore the usability and functionality of your website should be given priority and not let the traffic and lead generation of your website suffer.

2. Maintenance:

Website maintenance includes security upgrades and integrating new features on the website. You have to get your website checked for plugins, modules and software to keep it in a functioning state.

With your older website, you have limited options to implement changes to upgrade it with evolving online trends. With regular website maintenance, your website can work flawlessly across various devices and can offer a great user experience to your users.

3. Safety first:

Online threats have increased in quantity as well as complexity. The websites should be made safe against one of the terrifying cyber threats of a botnet. A botnet can detect unprotected sites and attack them in a blink of an eye.

To protect your site from such malware, you need to protect your website through an SSL certificate. Also, an SSL certificate can improve your rankings because search engines prefer SSL certified sites.

4. Obsolete website design:

Outdated website design is the first reason to get a website redesign. It is generally recommended that a website should be redesigned every three years so that it meets the requirements of the new website design.

Your users can also distinguish whether a site is outdated or not and compare your website with your competitors’ site. The average consumers choose to do business with a company that has an engaging, modern looking and easy to navigate site.

Your website is a reflection of your company and it needs to meet the expectations of your customers. New and small businesses should design their sites in such a way that it builds confidence in your customers about your company.

5. Puzzling navigation:

A website should enable its user to navigate quickly to the content they are seeking. For that, your navigation should be as simple as possible. When a visitor visits your site, they should be able to move on your website without confusion.

Sadly many websites are designed without keeping user experience in mind. Without a concrete navigation system, your site cannot be accessed easily, which would lead to the reason for the visitors to abandon your site.

You have to check the website’s navigation pattern and see whether the main content can be accessed from the home page and if not, then you need to think about redesigning your website.

6. Website content is not concise:

Your website content should be crafted skillfully and should be relevant, which will improve your search engine visibility. The purpose of your content is to represent your company with precision.

Compelling and well-tailored content for your website should provide essential details and information. It is favourable that your web copy is skimmable, which allows the visitors to scan through your content.

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