5 Signs your website design is costing you B2B leads

The Internet has been ruling the marketing space for around a decade now. And every business person in the surrounding is working hard to reap the benefits of this popular space. There is no doubt that the digital space has proven a cost-effective marketing tool for various businesses.

But there are exceptions always. Even the campaigns which are expected to be a sure shot success can disappoint you if the design of your website has a significant contribution to the lead generation process for your business.

5 Signs your website design is costing you B2B leads

We are well aware of the fact that the look of your website isn’t the only deciding factor. The quality of the product or services provided by you is what matters the most!

But if your business is to uplift other’s businesses and add to their growth, your website design is the first impression for your potential clients. If a visitor has an unpleasant experience looking at the site’s poor design, there is no chance he/she is dealing with you in the future.

Website design is an excellent tool for B2B companies to generate relevant leads. Still, the opposite can happen if your website’s design makes the customers bounce back.

Below mentioned are a few reasons your site design is costing you B2B leads, which you expect it to generate!

1) Your website is too slow to engage visitors!

Honestly, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if it took a little more time than actual to load. According to Google, 53% of visitors bounce back from mobile sites that take more than three seconds to load.

Visitors get frustrated when they have to wait for the website to appear, and as a result, they might choose your competitors. Many factors affect the speed of your website. It would be best if you diagnose the cause of the low speed as soon as you find it.

Remember! More than half of the visitors use mobile phones to access your site, so you should ensure that your site loads fast in all the screen sizes.

2) Less Visual Content

Visuals speak more than words sometimes! Anyone would instead choose a website with visuals to scroll over a site with “only text”. Enough visuals should be supporting the content of your website.

Moreover, unorganized content wouldn’t help you to keep your visitors hooked. Your content should be well organized into categories and subcategories so that visitors can easily access whatever they are looking for.

3) Your website Might be Distracting Users!

One of the significant reasons that the number of your visitors and conversions show a considerable difference is that your website might be diverting your visitor’s attention from their actual motive.

For instance, your website has too many buttons to click on or pop-ups, which keep on appearing or many video animations on the screen. Such things lower down the appeal of your website, which can cause your user to bounce back even if you serve stellar products and services.

The text, videos, animations, graphics, background colours, etc. on your website should complement each other to give a pleasant user-experience to visitors!

4) Your content might lack optimization

The primary mistake you might not notice, but is costing you leads can be your content that is not optimized for a B2B audience.

The content of the site is the only means to communicate everything you offer to your visitors. Your site’s content might look well-written to you and might get you ranked. But that doesn’t ensure that the viewers will convert and become your clients.

When you are in B2B business, your potential audience includes business persons and professionals. Such people expect you to speak the language of their business. Your content should have a technical and jargon-heavy language.

5) Your Lead Capturing process might confuse your Visitors

The lead capturing process should be simple yet compelling for the visitors.

An ideal process requires at least the following three steps:

  • An active call to action
  • A less-complexed Sign-up Form
  • A Thank You Page for signing up

Firstly you should evaluate these three aspects. In case your call to action is not strong and compelling enough for a business person to click on it, you must change that. Secondly, if your sign up form is complicated and requires more clicks, it would be best if you make a new one. And lastly, if you are satisfied with the above two aspects, you might have to boost up your reward for completing the sign-up form.

Next time, if you are in search of answers to what’s exactly wrong with your site which, being magnificent is not able to generate leads for you – one of the above signs can be the reason!