10 benefits a bespoke website has on your business

Online presence is vital for your business in today’s age. 97% of customers search for products or services on the internet. The audience expects businesses to be online whether they sell a product or not.

Your website should have simple navigation, lucid checkout process, give seamless user experience and be mobile optimised.

If you want to design your website, you have two options- ‘off the shelf’ and ‘bespoke website.’

10 benefits a bespoke website has on your business,

What is an off the shelf website?

An off the shelf website has integrations and templates that are pre-built. Its access is made available to a vast audience and benefits as many users as possible. Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress are examples of an off the shelf website.

What is a bespoke website?

A bespoke website is created for a specific business goal. This site can be personalised and be synchronised with your processes from web designs to ecommerce systems.

Here are the advantages of a bespoke website:

1.SEO and social media:

Social media is a medium through which it lets your business speak and engage with your customers. Incorporating SEO and social media from the beginning of the web design project will bear fruits in the future in the form of higher search rankings and traffic on the website.

2.Gives an edge over your competition:

Bespoke websites give you an edge over your competitors and increase the value of your business. You can have the upper hand on your competitors in the parameters of design and user experience. With a bespoke website, you can develop an elaborate e-commerce store where you can sell your products or services and give customer satisfaction.

3. Customized for your business:

A bespoke website is tailored according to your unique needs. It is flexible and can be modified as and when your business grows. E.g., You can build a checkout page with all the specific details. Off the shelf, websites are developed for mass usage and may lag at least one feature that you need in your website. But bespoke websites cover this drawback.

4. Worth your money:

With an off the shelf website, you might get features that are of no use to your business, but you have to make do with them because they are integrated by default. But with a bespoke website, you pay for the features that you want and will be useful to your business, thus wasting no money on the development of your site.

5. Excellent customer service:

The developer of a bespoke website offers efficient customer service when any issues are reported by the customers or seen by you on the site. With an off the shelf website, your problem can be resolved only when an update in the CMS or plugin is made.

6. Brand identity:

A bespoke website can easily establish your brand identity. You can have a theme for your website that gives recognition to your business. For instance, we instantly relate to Google when we see the colors yellow, green, red and blue. If you select an off the shelf website, you have a predefined theme and structure of a website which might not validate your business. Over time, people may see the similarities between your website and other businesses’ websites who would be using the same theme and have a bad reputation for your business.

7. Security:

Bespoke websites are more secure than their counterparts. In a bespoke website, the developers themselves write code and know what is working on the site. The third-party plugins are not plugged into bespoke websites due to security vulnerabilities.

8. Effortless maintenance:

A bespoke website is developed from scratch. Therefore, it is easy for the developer to fathom the issues and resolve them. The complexities to resolve an issue increases in an off the shelf website as the developer cannot understand the code of the site.

9. It is your own:

There’s no dependency on the third party for maintaining or updating plugins. In an off the shelf website, you have to utilize several plugins to ensure that they remain updated. When these plugins stop getting updated, you have to either remove or change the plugin. But in bespoke websites, you don’t have to face this problem.

10. Right to choose:

You have the freedom to choose a company who develops customized websites. You have the liberty to select the best of the best developers to work on your project. You can have a look at the portfolio of the developers and decide by taking the interview if a particular agency will do justice to your business’s requirements or not.

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