3D Modelling

3D Modeling can be defined as a process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface or an object in three dimensions through sophisticated software. The product that is developed is known as a 3D model. These 3D models are developed using math, geometry, designs, etc. They are utilized by the sculptors, architect or builders to exhibit how an object or building will be constructed.

With large volumes of the construction work and heavy investments, people have now gone digital replacing the traditional methods of drawing the blueprints over a paper. They understood how 3D Modelling enabled them to visualize their development process at each level thereby helping them to have a clear vision of their infrastructure goals and achieve them quickly. This reliability of 3D Modelling gave rise to the increasing demand for getting 3D Models designed and developed by professional engineers that benefits them.

Alpha BPO a customer-loved company, is known to have served realistic 3D Modeling services to the clients worldwide for wide-range of construction projects of varied business verticals.

Why Alpha BPO for 3D Modeling, Drafting and Rendering Services?

At Alpha BPO, we have skilled and experienced professional CAD designers providing quality 3D modeling services to meet all your design and planning needs. Once you outsource 3D modeling service to us, out team starts working on your project dedicatedly by communicating with you to get your requirements, draft designs, deliver you outputs, get your feedback and manifest them until the desired quality design is generated. We render 3D Models using advanced software that clearly maps your requirements into a virtual and classic 3D Model design. They are quality assured and reliable 3D Modeling Drawings are bound to boost you at every level of development.

Multifarious 3D Modeling and Drafting Solutions by Alpha BPO

To help business and organizations to boost their design and production cycles, we at Alpha BPO enable various 3D modeling and drafting solutions, some of which are mentioned below:

  • CAD Drafting & CAD Drawing
  • CAM Design and Drafting services
  • 3D Rendering, Modelling, and 3D Computer Animation
  • 3D Architectural Rendering and Visualization
  • Architectural Drafting Services, Mechanical and Electronic Drawings, and Presentations
  • Layout and Interior Design Drawings
  • Manufacturing, Assembly, and Production Layouts
  • Exploded and Top-down Assembly Drawings
  • Product Designing
  • Legacy Conversion
  • Patent Submission Drawings
  • Conversion of 2D Drawings to 3D Drawings
  • Format conversion (AutoCAD, TurboCAD, DataCAD, Visio, MicroStation, Vectorworks, Inventor, Pro-E, Solid Works, ADT, Solid Edge, 3D Max, and other popular software technologies)
  • Remodeling and resizing
  • Scaling of legacy drawings
3D Modeling Services For Architectural Industry

We help architects, builders, contractors in designing 3D Models for below-listed properties:

  • Interior Areas
  • Commercial Properties

    Residential Buildings

    Government Offices


    Entertainment Facilities


  • Exterior Areas
  • Commercial Properties

    Residential Buildings

    Government Offices


    Shopping Malls and other Entertainment Facilities


    Parks and Recreation Facilities

    3D Object Modeling

  • Others
  • Home Furniture

    Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

    Plastic Products


3D Model Services for Mechanical Industry

Looking forward to the importance of how 3D Models help in the advancement of Mechanical industry, we provide drafting services for various types of machinery parts and components such as:

  • Automotive parts design
  • Precision components
  • Aerospace components
  • Kitchenware components
  • Mechanical CAD modeling
  • Sheet metal
  • Freeform surface modeling
  • Wireframe geometry
  • Modeling based on three-dimensional parametric feature
  • Assembly modeling & boundary check
  • Machine parts
  • Process equipment
Advantages To Outsource 3D Modelling Service At Alpha BPO

Your project is in safe hands when you outsource it to us. Regardless of the graphics file format type, be it .bitmap, .jpeg, .jpg, .tiff or any other, we deliver you in the custom file format as per your need. You can also gain below-listed benefits when you choose to outsource 3D designs to us:

  • Minimize the production costs and operational costs
  • A pool of skilled, experienced and dedicated resources
  • Work with a team of designers having hands-on experience in this domain
  • Gain benefits of the latest technologies and file formats
  • Accurate and reliable 3D Design and drafts to streamline your processes
  • Compliance with international standards and specifications
  • Advanced data security and confidentiality served
  • Save excessive time, money and energy with rapid turn-around even on voluminous projects
  • Guaranteed quality control check-up before delivery
  • Industry best pricing model
  • Custom solutions suit your business needs

If you are looking to outsource 3D Modelling services for your next project, drop us your project specifications with complete details. We will evaluate your needs and get back to you with the right solution, pricing model, and project time-frame. You can try our services for free so that you can make the right decision for your business. We work on project basis, hourly basis and dedicated staffing model. You get the freedom to choose whatever suits your requirements.

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