XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a framework of rules for creating custom markup languages. XML’s primary purpose is to facilitate the sharing of structured data across different information systems, particularly via the Internet and it is used both to encode documents and to serialize data. XML is also recommended by the W3 Consortium and it is also an open standard.

XML Conversion is the process of changing over data from a particular format into an XML format. This is accomplished by the guidelines determined by the XML language. Converting data into XML makes the information user friendly and easy to understand. In this process, data is changed into XML making it exceptionally reusable, furthermore empowering a more productive information delivery system.

Why outsource XML data conversion services?

  1. By outsourcing XML conversion services to an outsourcing provider like Alpha BPO, you can concentrate more on the work which adds more value to your company.
  2. By outsourcing to a committed and dedicated XML conversion organization, you will be profit by upgraded administration conveyance, access to best technology and reduced costs.
  3. Outsourcing XML conversion services to India will reduce your operational costs and per head costs on employees.
  4. Outsourcing tagging services will give your organization a competitive edge.

XML services offered by Alpha BPO:


MS-Word to XML


Any storage media to XML

XML tagging services