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PDF to XML Conversion Posted By AlphaBPO • 8th May 2017

In the recent years, there has been a radical change in the measures to digitize all types of data. Although, the process of data integration from different providers across various domains has still not been realize completely. Meanwhile, new technologies have evolved to meet with these upfront challenges. One such new technology is that of […]

Importance of eBooks in Today’s Competitive Market Posted By AlphaBPO • 4th May 2017

Can you name a learning resource which has made a significant impact in the way learning is practiced in today’s digital age? Well, if you haven’t guessed, the obvious answer is eBooks which has revolutionized the way how digital learning is practiced globally today. Now, let me throw some light on why eBooks are highly […]

Convert Your Outsourcing Service Provider into a Partner Posted By AlphaBPO • 1st May 2017

The effect of intense changes seen in the economy due to globalisation and a rising need to introduce innovation in the technical areas had earlier lead to outsourcing business processes from around the world. By now, outsourcing has become a common trend for implementing business processes successfully in not just technological area but also in […]

Why you should outsource your work to India? Posted By AlphaBPO • 27th April 2017

With the widespread competitive effect that globalization has had on businesses, it has become ever more important for the IT sector to outsource the business to more effective sources in order to survive in the market. India has largely been an admired destination for businesses especially the IT sector to outsource their work such that […]

Social Sharing – The Best Way to Get Your Message Across Posted By AlphaBPO • 13th April 2017

Creating your website is a great way to get your information up to a large mass of audience. However, you need to perform steps like updating your website regularly with fresh content, improving website design and interacting with the interested readers in order to keep your website thriving and running vibrantly. In the present times, […]

Website Management Posted By AlphaBPO • 10th April 2017

In the present digital age, there are millions of websites on the Internet and the number is growing rapidly every day. The success of website depends not only on how it is created but also on how effectively is it managed. Website management is not only essential but vital for it to get the needed […]

Starting a Blog Posted By AlphaBPO • 6th April 2017

Blogging has become an emerging online trend in the present digital age. People from all the sectors whether they are general people, businessmen or celebrities have been practising blogging their information in the online world. Today, there are a number of online platforms available which easily enable to prepare a blog. However, the important question […]

PHP: An Open Source Technology Posted By AlphaBPO • 27th March 2017

In the present digital age, Internet has spread its wings among all the people across the globe. At present, there are already millions of websites on the Internet and this figure is rapidly increasing with the time. People need websites for all purposes ranging from simple personal or business websites to dynamic social networking websites. […]

Importance of Responsive / Mobile Friendly Website in Today’s World Posted By AlphaBPO • 23rd March 2017

Once upon a time, there was a time when there were only desktop computers available for use. Then came laptop computers followed by tablets and mobiles. The noteworthy point here is that each device comes in different screen size than the other. So, when viewing a website on different devices it becomes necessary for the […]

Alpha BPO and WordPress Posted By AlphaBPO • 20th March 2017

Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) which was created in 2003. Originally, WordPress started with a code improved the way of writing on a daily basis and there were very few people using it. Right since then, it has developed into one of the largest self-hosting […]