India has a large middle income class population, which accords high priority to good education. This has resulted in large well educated and technically qualified population. As a result of this young generation joining Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in large numbers, the quality of services provided by Indian companies has also gone up. In many fields, the quality provided has been found to exceed international standards. Study has revealed that the level of enthusiasm and motivation among the younger Indian generation is higher as compared to people employed in similar companies abroad. Alpha BPO has made a very successful attempt in exploring this fact.

Earlier Indian companies resorted to mass production of goods and services. Quality checks were not a high priority. But now people have understood the value of having high quality products and services. This was more because of some pioneering companies which managed to deliver goods and services with quality matching international standards or better. Similarly, Alpha BPO has always been aware about the importance of quality in offshore outsourcing.

Being a very quality-conscious company, Alpha BPO follows the below listed quality control measures:

Fresher buddies the experienced team before handling work independently


Product training
followed by tests

Quality checks by
the Quality controller

Quality and productivity assessed during team appraisal

Team compensated for high quality and productivity

With all the above advantages offered by Alpha BPO to its Clients, they surely observe savings in the overheads and at the same time get hassle-free completion of junior and mid-level official obligations. We are one of such few outsourcing Companies, that has the perfect set-up to make it work for our Clients and for us.