Legal &HR documents

Legal &HR documents

Legal & HR Documents

Legal documents require the highest confidentiality, careand security. Your firm has exclusive expectations and standards. Does your operation get bogged down in the messy world of paper? Your file management should give you a best customer service, instant document search abilityand the best in class security.

Alpha BPO provides scanning, document recognition, classification and automated loading of documents directly into your case management or practice applications. Our solutions convey secure procedures that effectively scale to meet the requests and your case loads. Alpha BPO guarantees consistence with expanding security and administrative necessities.

Few examples of Legal document types we work with:

Real Estate & REO

Resumes, applications, legal documents, federal and state tax information needs to be maintained in an employee file. Most states require keeping records after an employee leaves and most opt to keep the information indefinitely for legal reasons. Document Scanning is the first step in efficiently managing paper based employee records, benefits administration files, contracts, tax forms and other HR related documents. By converting paper documents into electronic files, all information can be securely stored and easily retrieved.

Alpha BPO Human Resources (HR) Document Scanning includes:

Resumes and Applications

Interview Notes and Records

Employee Personal Records

Employee Performance Records

Benefits and Awards Records

Training Records

Termination Records

Other HR related documents