Fixed layout eBooks

Fixed layout eBooks

Fixed layout eBooks

Alpha BPO is the trusted and reliable international eBook/ePub conversion service provider. Get Best Quality Fixed Layout ePub & Mobi Conversion Services.The initial phase in transforming your publication into an eBook is to decide which eBook format is most appropriate for your project. Primarily there are two types of eBook – standard (flowable) and fixed-layout formats. It is vital to understand both, before choosing format you would like for your book.

Standard flowable eBook Files can be uploaded to all retailers and will work on the widest range of eReading devices.

Fixed-layout Files can be uploaded to most retailers and in different variations which includes KF8, Kindle Textbook Creator and Kindle Comics for Amazon, ePub3 (Apple, Google, Kobo, Overdrive and some other channels) and Page Perfect, NOOK Kids and NOOK Comics (Barnes & Noble). These eBooks are intended for gadgets and applications that can show them appropriately.

Fixed layout eBooks is a format that does not permit content to re-stream when seen in the eReader gadgets and that lets the reader to change the textual style and additionally font size to the desirable level. This format is valuable and useful for books with lots of pictures/images such as Children’s books and cookery books. Other than these two, books such as Travel aides, Restaurant guides, Business guides, Text books/learning materials and also organization reports and yearly surveys are those that requires Fixed file format. Therefore, fixed layout empowers retaining originality of the content, with respect to appearance.

This format is applicable for texts in multi-sections, illustrations and additionally photos. It is valuable in having the proportions of the content or image sizes unchanged and to retain the original colours of the images as well as text.

The most common fixed-layout eBook formats are:

KF8 and Kindle Textbook Creator for Amazon Kindle Devices

ePUB3 for Apple, Google and Kobo

PagePerfect and NOOK Kids for Barnes & Noble.

eBook Samples:

Fixed Layout ePub & Mobi Conversion Services

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