We are receiving many questions from our clients and we have provided the possible answers. You will get the necessary information regarding our company here.

The first and the foremost question is that will our clients realize that we have outsourced our services? The answer is that we guarantee complete transparent service while transferring your requirements. The clients ask about if we have got a dedicated leased line and yes we have three dedicated leased lines from premium service providers.

Also our clients enquire about the training given for our team. We strongly believe that training is the key way to acquire world standards. We train them on two bases. We give a process specific training as well as training on technology platforms. We have our fool proof and confidential privacy policy terms with international standards. We also make our team sign a nondisclosure agreement at the beginning and adopt any additional measures suggested by our clients.

Our clients often inquire about our infrastructure. We have state of the art infrastructure that cater to your project requirements. Our company has 1,000 square feet of carpet area, with capacity of 120 work stations with Windows Server and highly skilled and experienced man power.

Our clients worry about our human resource. We have got a consistency in our human resource with highly selective hiring policy. Our policy helps our clients to focus on the results. Then another question is about our long term viability. We have reached the position of global player with our reputation for professionalism and service excellence.

For the clients’ inquiry about our parameters to ensure about quality of work, our answer is that we adhere to quality of our work with visual and automated computer checks. It consists of quality review, batch file quality review and quality control reports. There is no specified procedure for uploading files as our clients inquire but we provide you an FTP address to upload TIFF/GIF images and send you the coded reports and have the capacity to scan 10,000 pages per week.

Our clients inquire if we could manage their bulk documents. We can digitally image bulk documents and provide access to them on an online basis. They also inquire about managing disaster situations. We have two centers and in case of any emergency we have fully prepared backup office. As per our clients’ requirements the final output is dispatched as in email, CD or directly attached to FTP server.

Our clients are mostly interested about the attractive offers regarding the pricing. The prices we offer are very low. However rates may very depending on the volume of work, frequency of orders, business needs and clarity and time required and time spent. Often people ask about their benefit in joining our company. We strongly prove that we provide competitive pricing, superior quality, enhanced risk management, high data security, pragmatic and flexible approaches, quick turn around processing time, the way we work with any client system, the way we handle many processes and highly skilled personnel.