Composing and Typesetting

Composing and Typesetting

Composing and Typesetting

Our Composing & Typesetting Services includes print media and different electronic formats. Based on you requirements we can format documents and records. After that, transfer files to a protected server where you can review it. Quality with satisfaction is foremost significance to us and we utilize the most recent typesetting software’s for example, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Quark and so on for praiseworthy results.

Alpha BPO team of typesetting and proofreading professionals work round the clock to offer you unmatched composition services for books, journals, technical standards, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and reference work.

Our team consist of specialist typesetters, well acquainted with known DTP application stages. We routinely typeset complex jobs which includes tabular and mathematical data with special symbols and equations.

We have demonstrated capability backed by over 9 years of service to handle and deliver all composition requirements:

Application files corresponding to the typesetting platforms like InDesign, Quark, Frame Maker, PageMaker, Latex, MS Word etc.

Print ready High resolution PDF files


Web enabled PDF as well as laser prints