Book Scanning

Book Scanning

Book Scanning

At Alpha BPO, we are capable to deliver book scanning service on the go or in bulk. We scan books in color or grey scale. We also index digitized books which helps in easy navigation and search.

Since the year 2006, we successfully undertake scanning and digitization projects of various size and complexity that conforms to client’s requirements. Our experience, professional undertaking of each task and state of the art infrastructure has placed us in leading position for all kind of book scanning and data processing requirements.

We have expertise in scanning:






Record Logs

Record Books

That is, we scan and digitise book of any size and type. We deliver resultant scanned data in Portable Document Format (PDF) or client preferred format. Client will have to confirm their copyrights for the source they want scanned.


  • We will check the size and complexity of task upon request and will offer honest priced quote.
  • On approval and after receiving the scanning source, we will re-examine the source. During this stage, client should send specific requirements (if any). We will offer final quote and time frame for the project.
  • We will scan the source material and do necessary processing on scanned files.
  • Final data is sent to client through CDs-DVDs or email or ftp transfer or client’s preferred way.

Quote doesn’t include transport, loading, unloading of scanning source from client premises to ours. For better results, we do detach the spine of the book before scanning. If needed by client, we can re-bind the book and send it back.

Our service model is highly centred around quality and client’s requirements while following industry’s best practises. Considering open economy as one of the competency factor along with quality and service experience, we offer honest priced services based on size and complexity of the project. We also offer outsourcing and offshore staffing options.