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Alpha BPO

We are an offshore outsourcing company based in India, Asia; assisting domestic and International Companies with various online and offline outsourcing services such as Data entry, Data conversion, Data extraction, Back office operations and much more. Apart from competent team and most advanced technology to match, continuous improvisation has been the key to our success in the field of outsourcing.

Quality, Value for money, turn around time are our topmost priorities; and we ensure they are met all the times. It has been our key strategy for Client retention. From the time a process or task is transferred to us till its conclusion, we guarantee a hassle-free experience for our Clients. Our team at Alpha BPO strives to exceed Customer expectations in terms of quality and utility; our system and planning contributes to make the cause successful.

Choosing us as your Outsourcing Company for your Organization needs, means to have all the below benefits:

Stress-free processing

Qualified techno-savvy team

Timely updated technology

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Competitive pricing

High quality

Less turn around time

Reliable service

Protection of Confidential data

We work towards giving our Clients complete value for money and at the same time we also want justified growth for our team. Hence, with an intention to have a set-up that’s mutually beneficial for our Clients and team, we encourage feedback system. It helps us in developing our best practices further. Our urge to be open to improvisation as and where required has further helped us understand the needs of our Client and strength of our Staff.

As a successful outsourcing Company, we intend to expand our business more, in the years to come. The expansion would not only be in terms of services but also the benefits offered to our customers. In Alpha BPO, we aim to be the leader in offshore process outsourcing, working on the best industry practices.

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